Our Range

Here at Torqeedo Online we stock a range of German engineered electric propulsion systems designed specifically for the marine environment.

These include the ULTRALIGHT and TRAVEL electric motors for your kayak, canoe, dinghies or daysailers.

To help understand the Torqeedo Model nomenclature we've decoded this for you below:


Model Nomenclature Decoded

Ultralight (Kayak Range)

403 - Designates a 400W (1HP equivalent) motor and version 3 with standard 320Wh battery and ball mount
A - for ANGLER designates the NEW easy to install Angler Mount
C - for CAPACITY designates the motor is fitted with the larger 915Wh capacity battery rather than the standard 320Wh battery


Travel (Outboard Range)

1003Designates a 1000W (3HP equivalent) motor and version 3 (DISCONTINUED)
1103CDesignates a 1100W motor with SILENT direct drive motor and version 3 (LATEST MODEL)
C - for CAPACITY designates the motor is fitted with the larger 915Wh capacity battery rather than the previous standard 530Wh battery


The Torqeedo Online Range

To learn more about our electric propulsion range click on the product names below.

Kayak Motors

ULTRALIGHT 403 VS 403C (320Wh VS 915Wh) - We compare the light weight 320Wh battery with the larger capacity 915Wh battery in the "C" model  1HP Universal Ball Mount

ULTRALIGHT 403AC (915Wh) - The same great long range Ultralight "C" model performance, with the new easy to install "A" model Angler Mount

ULTRALIGHT 1103AC (NEW 2020) - The Ultralight 1103AC is the all NEW big brother to the popular 403AC featuring a 3HP SILENT direct drive motor with the easy to install "A" model Angler Mount


Outboard Motors

TRAVEL 1003 - The entry level outboard in the Torqeedo Online range featuring 1000W (3HP equivalent) motor and light weight 530Wh battery (DISCONTINUED)

TRAVEL 1003C - Need more time on the water, the "C" model with its larger capacity 915Wh battery will give you the same great performance of the 1003 but keep you on the water longer (DISCONTINUED)

TRAVEL 1103C (SILENT) - The ultimate in the Travel range the 1103C gives you effortless long range performance with the larger capacity "C" model 915Wh battery and all NEW direct drive SILENT motor