An Instant Icon - The Story of Torqeedo's Electric Travel Motor

Torqeedo Travel Original Motor and Drawing

Once upon a time in Bavaria, Germany, two men stood by a lake, dreaming of a better boating experience. In 2006, their dream came true when they introduced the Torqeedo Travel electric motor at a famous trade fair. Boaters instantly recognised this as the start of a new era in electric boating.

The co-founders, Christoph Ballin and Friedrich Böbel, were dissatisfied with the electric boat motors of that time. They knew they could do better. Equipped with powerful lithium-ion batteries, the Torqeedo Travel was lighter, more efficient, and more powerful than its competitors. Boaters no longer needed licenses to cruise on protected lakes, and they could enjoy nature without harming it through emissions and petrol spills.

Torqeedo won innovation awards and was named Start-Up of the Year in 2008. Their propeller was inspired by the latest research on submarines and large surface vessels, ensuring top-notch performance. Engineers with knowledge from car manufacturing and heavy-duty industries joined the team, leading to outstanding results. Torqeedo motors achieved much higher overall efficiencies compared to combustion engines.

Torqeedo Travel Original Drawings

The first sketches for the design of Torqeedo motors combined bold colors with intuitive usability.

The iconic orange propellers and sleek design of Torqeedo motors soon became a symbol of quality and sustainable power. Continuous innovation led to the introduction of an on-board computer with GPS-based range calculation, eliminating range anxiety. Torqeedo users now have full control and the ability to swap batteries or recharge with solar panels while cruising.

Torqeedo's industrial mindset, R&D, and optimized production facilities scaled across their entire product range. From small outboards to powerful systems used on large catamarans and ferries, Torqeedo became a leader in electric boat engines.

As of 2023, Torqeedo has sold over 200,000 electric motors, and the number of electric boat users has skyrocketed. The original spirit is still strong, and Torqeedo continues to lead the way in electric boating.

With new ground-breaking products on the horizon, Torqeedo's users know they are making a difference, one Travel at a time.

Original Torqeedo Travel Motor
Sleek, smart and strong: The first prototype of the original Travel.