Torqeedo Unveils Next-Gen Electric Outboard Motor: Introducing the All-New Travel Family

Torqeedo Launches New Electric Outboard Motors

As a leading innovator in electric boat motors, Torqeedo has raised the bar once again with the introduction of their latest product line—the Travel family of electric outboard motors. The iconic electric outboard Travel motor has been delighting boaters with its outstanding efficiency, useful technology, and easy-to-use design since 2005 and more than 100,000 electric Travel motors have already been sold worldwide. Now, Torqeedo has taken the original electric boat motor to the next level.

 Torqeedo launches NEW Travel Family of electric outboard engines

Key Features of the New Travel Family - Electric Outboard Motor Range:

Modular and Customisable Design: The Travel family boasts a modular, flexible, and customizable design, prioritising boaters' needs and opening up a wide range of applications.

Four electric boat motor packages to choose from:

Adventure Package
The Adventure Package pairs an 1,100 W Travel and a 1,080 Wh battery with an innovative mounting and steering system that gets kayak anglers quickly and stealthily to their secret spots.

Essential Package
The Essential Package is the original Travel, redefined. It pairs an ultra-efficient 1,100 W outboard motor with a 1,080 Wh battery.

Range Package
The Range Package substitutes a higher-capacity battery (1,425 Wh) for when you want to spend all day on the water, taking boaters even further.

Power Package
The Power Package easily propels bigger boats, boats on coastal waters, or that routinely experience windy, wavy conditions with its heavy-duty 1,600 W direct-drive motor and 1,425 Wh battery.

Building Your Perfect Electric Boat Engine

Once you've selected the ideal package from the new Travel family, a plethora of charging, propeller, and accessory options await, allowing boaters to tailor their electric companion to perfection.

Custom Electric Boat Engines from Torqeedo

Enhanced Charging and Display Features

The included 180 W charger significantly reduces charge times, providing a more efficient charging process. A backlit, full-colour display enhances Torqeedo's intuitive user interface, offering real-time range and runtime calculations. The Travel family is equipped with TorqLink, Torqeedo’s advanced communications protocol, as well as Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, enabling seamless interaction with Torqeedo’s new smartphone app, TorqView.

TorqView brings a host of new features to users, including maps, trip logs, and over-the-air updates. Motor updates can now be performed anywhere with an internet connection, ensuring the Travel remains up-to-date, safe, reliable, and efficient. Torqeedo owners have the option to opt-in for system information collection, facilitating a fast and efficient service and maintenance experience through authorised service centres.

Precision Steering and Control Options – Remote or Tiller Steered

The new-and-improved tiller features infinitely variable speed and steering controls, simplifying docking and launching. Its ultra-precise, foldable, and customizable design adds to the user-friendly experience. Boaters can change the direction of forward and reverse, adjust friction, and even operate while standing. For boats with a rudder or steering wheel, the Power Package's Travel XP offers a remote model, complete with everything needed to connect to standard Teleflex steering. An optional remote kit is available for converting a tiller-steered Travel. The 90-degree tilt-equipped transom mount design allows users to raise the motor completely out of the water, and the new 3-stage rotation control lever provides quick selection between fixed steering, +/- 60-degree steering, and 360-degree, fully rotatable steering.

Electric Outboard Engine For Sailboats

Torqeedo's Commitment to the Future of Electric Boating

Sven Mostögl, Senior Vice President Branded Retail, emphasizes that Torqeedo’s 18 years of experience in building the world’s best electric boat engine drive systems have been leveraged to create a user experience that caters to a new generation of boaters seeking greener, cleaner, and thoughtfully designed products. This launch marks the beginning of a new chapter for Torqeedo, reshaping the product portfolio and brand appearance while taking a decisive step toward the future of electric boating.


When will the new Torqeedo Outboard Motors be Available?

Anticipate the arrival of the new Travel family of clean boating products and accessories in early 2024. Get ready to embrace the future of electric boating with Torqeedo.

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