Revolutionising Amazon River Transport with Solar-Powered, Torqeedo Electric Outboard Canoes

Solar-Powered, Torqeedo Electric Outboard Canoes on  the Amazon River

In the Ecuadorian Amazon, a collaboration between the indigenous Achuar community, the Kara Solar Foundation and Torqeedo have made a vision into a reality: solar-powered river transportation.

The solar-powered canoes, equipped with Torqeedo Cruise electric outboard motors, are reshaping river transportation and preserving the environment.


Canoe boats with a solar-panelled roof and two Torqeedo electric outboard motors

Named "Tapiatpia" after a legendary electric eel, these 16m vessels feature a solar-panelled roof and two electric motors, providing up to six hours of travel after sunset. The Achuar, once faced with the challenges of fossil fuel-dependent boats, now enjoy emission-free travel, reducing their carbon footprint.

Kara Solar, a non-profit with a vision for an eco-friendly Amazon, collaborated with Torqeedo to create a sustainable transportation system. The solar canoes, a dream come true for the Achuar since 2012, now connect communities, promote ecotourism, and support local projects.

Amazone Rainforest Canoes use Torqeedo Cruise Electric Outboard Motors and Solar Panel Roof

The solar panels on the roof of the slender, 16-meter boats deliver enough power for them to run for three to six hours after sunset. Credit: Kara Solar


A sustainable lifeline during the COVID pandemic

Torqeedo's reliable and durable Cruise motors, combined with Kara Solar's innovative solar panels, have transformed the canoes into a central service for the Achuar. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, when fuel supply was disrupted, the solar canoes became a lifeline, enabling vital trips for farming, healthcare, and education.

Torqeedo Electric Outboard engines for Amazon Rainforest Canoes

Since the region is so remote, the Kara Solar Foundation trained local technicians in all things solar and electric. Credit: Hana Begovic

It’s time to make the switch to an electric boat engine

Join Torqeedo in supporting sustainable initiatives like the solar canoes, empowering communities to protect their environment and cultural heritage. Explore the positive impact of green technology in remote regions and be part of the journey towards a cleaner, greener future.

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