Torqeedo Advances Sustainability with Recycled Ocean Plastics in Propellers

Torqeedo Advances Sustainability with Recycled Ocean Plastics in Propellers

In a groundbreaking move toward environmental stewardship, Torqeedo, the world's leading manufacturer of electric boat engines, is integrating ocean-bound plastics into its iconic orange propellers. This initiative marks a significant step forward in reducing the marine industry's environmental footprint while promoting a circular economy for used ocean plastics.

Torqeedo's Commitment to Sustainable Boating Products

Torqeedo's Advanced Engineering Team is at the forefront of exploring alternative materials to minimise the environmental impact of its marine products. Recognising the urgency of addressing plastic pollution in our oceans, Torqeedo has embarked on a journey to harness recycled ocean-bound PET and PP plastic pellets for use in its propellers. By testing and refining these materials, Torqeedo aims to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 80% while maintaining the quality and durability of its propellers.


Exploring the Potential of Recycled Ocean Plastics

The integration of recycled ocean-bound plastics into Torqeedo's propellers represents a significant technological advancement in sustainable engineering. With an estimated 14 million tons of plastics ending up in the world's waterways annually, Torqeedo recognises the urgent need for innovative solutions to combat plastic pollution. By repurposing ocean-bound plastics for marine propulsion, Torqeedo is not only diverting plastic waste from the ocean but also contributing to the development of a circular plastic economy.


The Path to a Circular Plastic Economy

Torqeedo's commitment to sustainability extends beyond product innovation to encompass the establishment of a circular plastic economy. By demonstrating the viability of using recycled ocean-bound plastics in its propellers, Torqeedo is paving the way for other industries to adopt similar practices. Through continuous research and development, Torqeedo aims to refine its manufacturing processes and expand the use of recycled materials across its range of electric boat motors.

As a pioneer in electric propulsion technology, Torqeedo is dedicated to driving positive change in the marine industry. By harnessing the power of innovation and sustainability, Torqeedo empowers boating enthusiasts to make eco-conscious choices without compromising on performance or reliability. With each propeller made from recycled ocean plastics, Torqeedo is not just propelling boats forward – it's propelling the world toward a brighter, cleaner future. Together we can embrace eco-friendly propulsion solutions and preserve the waters we love to explore.

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