Unlocking the Future of Sustainable Sailing with Torqeedo

Unlocking the Future of Sustainable Sailing with Torqeedo

Meet Christian Gröbmüller, the captain of the Stella, a BIGA 270 sailboat that embraces electric power. Powered by a Torqeedo Cruise Pod electric motor and 10 kWh of Torqeedo Power 48-5000 batteries. Located on the serene Lake Ammer in Upper Bavaria, Christian's story is a testament to his long-cherished dream of quiet, emission-free voyages.

The Advantages of Electric Boat Engines

Sailing has always been a way of life for Christian, and in 2022, he realised his dream with the BIGA 270 sailboat. But his passion for electric motors made it clear that a diesel engine wouldn't do. Christian firmly believes in the future of electric propulsion for sailboats, touting sustainability, low maintenance, silence, odourless, and weight savings as key advantages. Not to mention the additional storage space it provides.

Sailing on Solar Power
The Stella does not have access to regular land charging – thanks to the solar panels, this is no problem at all.

Sailing on Solar Power

When the wind takes a break, the sun steps in. Christian attaches 400-watt solar panels to the Stella to maximise the power of the sun. On windless days, these panels act as a "range extender," allowing the sailboat to move forward using solar energy. On good days, the sun provides a substantial portion of the power needed for propulsion.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

Christian's careful planning and equipment selection ensure the Stella consumes minimal electricity, making it a truly sustainable and enjoyable sailing experience.

The Stella isn't just a sailboat; it's a symbol of Christian's self-realisation. It's the culmination of his journey, from a sales executive constantly on the move to a sailing instructor, now charting a course for a sustainable future.

Christian firmly believes that electric motors will play a pivotal role in the future of sailing. For him, and many others, the future of sailing is bright and electric.

Sailboat powered by Torqeedo Electric Pod Drive